New Particle Projection plugin for After Effects

Particle Projection is a powerful After Effects plugin for generating complex particle arrays projected through the use of a displacement layer. Particle Projection can create stunning and unique generative effects with an incredible level of detail.

Particle Projection operates by generating an array of particles and then projecting them in 3D perspective according to the displacement layer’s corresponding pixel luminance value. The brighter the pixel value, the greater the particle projection. Selecting interesting displacement layers and filtering them appropriately will result in unique projections. Imported footage isn’t always necessary and using generative effects like After Effect’s Turbulent Noise will produce amazing results.

Particle Projection’s algorithm works by projecting particles through a displacement layer Particle Projection Image01

Particle Projection offers a set of powerful features for generating truly unique effects. Select the particle size and spacing independently, control the effect intensity, adjust the projection’s axis point, invert the translation and specify particle colors. Since every control is fully animatable and keyframable within After Effects, the possibilities are endless.

Particle Projection offers an exciting toolset for generating truly unique effectsParticle Projection Image03

Particle Projection also offers dynamic mapping features. For instance, it is possible to affect the particle size, color, and transparency according to the displacement layer’s value. Brighter displacement layer values will result in certain particles being larger than others, certain particles shaded one color versus the other, or certain particles being more transparent than the other. Each mapping control also provides an inverse option for ultimate control.

Particle Projection offers normal and additive compositing modes Particle Projection Image04

Particle Projection offers normal and additive compositing modes allowing particles overlaid upon one another to feature vibrant and illuminated properties. This is in addition to the layer’s compositing mode which allows multiple instances of the effect to be combined together.

Particle Projection offers dynamic mapping tools Particle Projection Image06

From generative backgrounds, high-tech elements, experimental design, and more, Particle Projection is a must-have plugin for both professional and hobbyist designers alike.

For more information, visit the product’s website: Particle Projection