Framer Modifier for 3ds Max

Framer Modifier is a new tool for 3DS Max that creates topology-based frame objects from editable poly objects. The tool could be used for creating facades, structures, grids, furniture, patterns and more, featuring adjustable parameters for border frames, secondary frames, surface elements, balcony elements, and interior volumes.

Adjustable elements:

  • Border frames
  • Secondary frames
  • Surface elements
  • Balcony elements
  • Interior volumes

Filtering options:

  • Selection only
  • Sides only

Parameters randomization options

Material ID setup for each element

Unify flow option: Arrange frames so they are always guided correctly.

Random clone option : Clone objects with unique random seed from each copy.

Works only with editable poly.

Quads only.

Support: 3dsMax 2018.1 and newer.