New ‘Overnight Batch Render’ 3dsmax plugin released

Overnight Batch Render is a simple yet powerful batch rendering tool for 3dsMax, capable to process multiple scene files sequentially on a single computer.

Ideal for those who don’t have enough budget for a render farm and want to leave their computer doing all the rendering tasks when they are not at work.

Overnight can handle multiple scene files, multiple cameras per scene and even different scene states, working together with 3dsMax built-in Batch Render tool.

Easily add your max files to the Render Queue, either during the working day or at the end of it, and fire the render just before you leave.

It has the ability to suppress warning messages, that usually show up when opening or rendering new scenes, avoiding interruptions in the rendering process.

You can override the output size, filename and frame range for all your renders from a single place. Very useful to quickly test changes, render previews or generate thumbnails of your files.

Never lose a rendered image! The plugin prevents file overwriting and auto-saves renders with missing output filenames.

This is a commercial script by Spline Dynamics, compatible with Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 and higher.

For more information, visit the website: Overnight Batch Render