“Should I Freelance?” article by Paul Neale

The widely recognized CG Industry veteran Paul Neale has written a great article, based on his personal experience, to orient students and beginners on how to survive and success doing freelance work in this competitive industry. The article is called “Should I Freelance?“.


“Well this is a big question that I’m asked by a lot of students that are about to graduate and are wondering what to do with them selves next. Some times it is because they are not getting any bites on their resume and some times it is because they feel they are not ready for one of several reasons to work at a company.

I should note that I have always been a freelancer and in fact have only had one “job” my entire 25+ year career. Right out of school I started working with clients of my own. How ever that was a different time 25 years ago. There were few people doing 3D and even fewer doing it well. I was also 30 years old and working on my third career and understood how to deal with clients after 14 years in the restaurant business and three in the financial sector where I spent a fair bit of time knocking on doors trying to get strangers to loosen their grip on their hard earned wages. Yep, I was that guy.

If you want to dive into freelancing there are several things that you need to know first to ensure that you have a good experience and don’t end up feeling as though you have been taken advantage of.”


1. Good Clients and Bad
2. How much should I charge?
3. How do you get paid?
4. Connections make the world go round
5. Retain your clients, be a good contractor
6 .Advantages of Freelancing
7. In Closing

You can read the complete article here: ‘Should I Freelance?’ – by Paul Neale

About the Author

Paul Neale is 3D Technical Director & Trainer with 25+ years experience at CG industry

For over 2 decades, he has been recognized internationally by the 3D animation industry as a reliable and professional resource that delivers production proven results. As technical director and rigging specialist for clients worldwide, his work spans feature films, TV series, AAA game titles, broadcast television and tools development.

He specializes in technical direction, rigging and modeling, writing plug-ins and scripted tools for system, software, and production needs.

He has provided software training internationally, as well as conference (keynote) speaking at Siggraph, Autodesk University, GDC (Game Developers Conference), EUE (End User Event), Ubisoft Vancouver and others. My involvement in the 3D community stays current through college teaching, public speaking, and production work.


You can read the complete article here: ‘Should I Freelance?’ – by Paul Neale