Virtual Reality Experience for ArchViz with Unity

This project was done by Oneiros (startup company based in Milan) in collaboration with Unity. It had the aim to show the potential of their new HD Render Pipeline (HDRP) in AEC industry through the creation of a virtual walkthrough of the newly opened London office, designed and built by M Moser Associates. (Check out the real life building here)

It is possible to move freely between the various rooms using the mouse and keyboard or a gamepad. The users are able to interact with some aspects, such as switch between a day/night mode, changing floor materials, turning TVs and lamps on/off, and accessing BIM information.

Day/night switch

Floor material configurator

TV turn on/off

Light turn on/off and BIM infographics

It is important not to forget that one advantage of using Unity in architectural visualization is that you can get different types of output from the same scene. For example, it is possible to make a video in cinematic mode, as well as in virtual reality mode.

Cinematic mode

Virtual Reality mode

See the complete article and more info about the making of this project at the Substance3D blog.